BMW's New, Improved X5

With a new third-row seat and more powerful engines, the X5 is bigger and better than ever. Too bad about that i-Drive&

Editor's Rating:

The Good: Great looks, terrific handling, impressive acceleration (on the 4.8i), three rows of seats

The Bad: A bit cramped, steep price, and the i-Drive

The Bottom Line: It's easy to see why it's BMW's second-best-selling model

Up Front

More power or more money? That's the age-old dilemma that faces so many car buyers these days, and nowhere is it more keenly felt than when shopping for the BMW X5. That's because drivers need to choose between the less-expensive and under-powered 3.0si model with a V6 engine and the pricier, more powerful 4.8i version with a V8. The price difference is almost $10,000, and the V6 offers better fuel economy. What to do?

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