What Passes For Trash Talking At Media Conferences

At ad:tech in San Francisco now. Last night was enjoying wine and dinner with an executive involved with new Web distribution platforms (and who asked that he not be identified here). He said that the one thing that bedeviled people on his side of the equation when it came time to negotiating with the big titans of old media was that they actually get starstruck. That face time with, say, Disney’s Bob Iger, and a glimpse of a celeb or two tended to make new-media negotiators go a bit weak in the knees.

In the spirit of wiseguy one-upmanship I said, ‘Well, yeah. The last two skill-sets the big old media companies can fall back on are: access to celebrities and really ferocious legal departments.’

I thought I was joking then, but in the harsh light of day I’m not so sure.

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