What Price Web Site?

I've owned several domains for months, yet there they sit, empty. "No Geeks Required" (February/March 2007) may have nudged me off dead center. Thanks.

Alan Wikman

Kingston, N.Y.

The price quotes from Web site designers in "No Geeks Required" (February/March 2007) are completely insane. It could be the big-city markup, but at our firm in Grand Rapids, Mich., we do sites for vastly less than the quotes in your story. I cannot fathom charging a client between $2,500 and $5,200 for a basic Web site, even one with e-commerce capability. Startups that need a good Web site for a reasonable cost should seek out a small Web firm that understands their budget and works within it. The big, well-known firms may have a more impressive client list, but their rates will reflect that.

I remain unimpressed with the sites I've seen from free services, but I suppose you can't argue with the price.

Tyler Doornbos


Grand Rapids, Mich.

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