Michael Arndt has been Chicago-based senior correspondent for BusinessWeek since 2000. Michael, a graduate of the University of Wisconsin at Madison, was previously chief economics correspondent and Sunday business editor for the Chicago Tribune. Following the example of his daughter, Rachel, Arndt practices judo and has earned a second-degree brown belt. He also regularly blades to work—listening to indie music—and rides his bicycle with his wife, graphic designer Lisa Zucker, in Chicago's Lincoln Park.

Andrew Park, a freelance writer, has been covering entrepreneurs and startup companies for more than a decade. Andrew was previously a newspaper reporter and BusinessWeek technology correspondent. A North Carolina native, Andrew and his wife, Cristina Smith, have two children, Fiona and Lucas. As Andrew was completing this assignment, Fiona was recovering bravely from a broken collarbone she suffered falling from the treehouse behind their home in Chapel Hill, N.C.

Roger Kenny, who created our cover illustration, is a freelance 2D/3D illustrator and animator who has worked at BusinessWeek for nine years. Roger co-founded a poetry group, Buffalo Readings, whose poets will blog on the Oxford University Press site in April. He created the Web-toon Bandito Loves Kitty and is co-publisher of the independent magazine Ripped. Born in Brooklyn, N.Y., he lives on Manhattan's Upper East Side with his girlfriend.

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