The Big Noise in Digital Radio

After a staggering $200 price drop, Boston Acoustics' Receptor Radio HD is far and away the best value in the category

Editor's Rating:

The Good: Booming sound, nice stereo effect, compact design, dual alarms, and reduced price

The Bad: Trouble displaying artist/song info; confusing programming controls and no CD player or iPod cradle

The Bottom Line: The goods to satisfy demanding audiophiles and the price point to entice the average consumer

When Boston Acoustics (owned by Japanese D&M Holdings) introduced the first tabletop HD radio—the Receptor Radio HD—in February, 2005, the suggested retail price of $499 was enough to scare off anyone but the most dedicated audiophile. Unlike satellite radio or digital downloads, the terrestrial digital/analog broadcast service held the promise of being unlimited and free—but the cost of entry seemed astronomical. Who was going to pay five bills for an audio device that couldn't even play CDs or MP3s?

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