Spider-Man Back in the Game

Coinciding with the movie sequel is Treyarch's new highly-plotted game that gives Spidey a large-scale virtual New York City to swing in

Continuing in the tradition of Treyarch's well-received Spider-Man 2, the upcoming sequel Spider-Man 3 brings the film home by offering gamers a large-scale virtual recreation of New York City to explore. As players traverse the city, either on-foot or through Spider-Man's trademark web-swinging, they can participate in a number of missions that recreate the various events and fights of the film, including Spider-Man's acquisition of the symbiote Venom. This results not only in Spider-Man's new black suit, which enhances the hero's aggressiveness and power, but also his ensuing struggle with it, causing him to periodically switch between the two suits as the game progresses.

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