Roche Holdings Agrees to Acquire BioVeris

Kohlberg Kravis Roberts will buy First Data, and more deal news
Deals in the news
Company Symbol Date Price Comment
ABLEST INC AIH 4/4/2007 11 Koosharem Corp. to buy: $11 = AIH.
BIOVERIS CORP BIOV 4/4/2007 21 Roche Holdings to buy: $21.50 = BIOV.
RIO NARCEA GOLD RNO 4/4/2007 4 LMC to buy: C$5 = RNO.
CHICAGO MERCANT CME 4/3/2007 551 Postpones special shareholder meeting set for today to vote on merger pact with BOT so that it can review offer from ICE.
ENDESA SA ELE 4/3/2007 53 EN, Acciona SA, EON reach agreement that would give EN, Acciona shared control of ELE, transfer some of its current assets to EON... EON drops its bid for ELE.
WINSTON HOTELS WXH 4/3/2007 15 Inland American Real Estate Trust Inc. to buy: $15 = WXH.
FIRST DATA FDC 4/2/2007 32 Kohlberg Kravis Roberts to buy: $34 = FDC.
GLOBAL IMAGING S GISX 4/2/2007 29 XRX to buy: $29 = GISX.
MIDWEST AIR GROU MEH 4/2/2007 14 AAI raises takeover bid to $15 per share; $9 in cash, 0.5842 of AAI share = MEH.
TRIBUNE COMPANY TRB 4/2/2007 33 Accepts buyout offer of $34 per share from real estate investor Sam Zell.
GRUPO AEROPORTUA ASR 3/30/2007 48 Says its chairman, interim CEO proposed to buy 42.65% of co.'s capital stock at 56 pesos per Ser. B share, 560 pesos/ADS.
HERBALIFE LTD HLF 3/30/2007 39 Whitney V LP withdraws its $38/share bid for HLF after HLF board rejects the bid.
IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT DISK 3/30/2007 4 Group led by David Bergstein to buy: $4.40 = DISK.
TRIBUNE CO TRB 3/30/2007 32 WSJ reports TRB received last-minute bid from California businessman Ron Burkle, Eli Broad of $34 per share, topping Sam Zell's proposal by $1 per share.
TRUE RELIGION AP TRLG 3/30/2007 16 Seen higher on management buyout rumors.
BCE INC BCE 3/29/2007 28 Unconfirmed report says there is interest from U.S. private equity firm to buy BCE.
LONE STAR TECHNOLOGIES LSS 3/29/2007 66 U.S. STEEL to buy: $67.50 = LSS.
ELECTRONIC CLEAR ECHO 3/27/2007 12 Mutually agrees to terminate merger pact with INTU valued at $18.75/ECHO share.
BIOSITE INC BSTE 3/26/2007 84 BEC to buy: $85 = BSTE.
ABN AMRO ABN 3/23/2007 43 WSJ reports a faction within CITIGROUP is pushing its CEO to make a bid for ABN.
BEL FUSE INC'A' BELFA 3/23/2007 37 TNL offers to buy for $40.30 per share.
KRONOS INC KRON 3/23/2007 53 Hellman & Friedman LLC to buy: $55 = KRON.
PAXAR CORP PXR 3/23/2007 29 AVY to buy: $30.50 = PXR.
SMITHWAY MOTOR X SMXC 3/23/2007 10 Western Express Inc. to buy: $10.63 = SMXC.
VERTRUE INC VTRU 3/22/2007 48 Management, investor group including One Equity Partners to buy: $48.50 = VTRU.
HUB INTERNATIONAL HBG 3/22/2007 42 Amends pact whereby it would be acquired by funds advised by Apax Partners, Morgan Stanley Principal Investments to increase consideration to $41.50/share frm $40... Says it has received competing proposals.
ORIENT EXPRESS H OEH 3/22/2007 58 London Times reports OEH may be sold for $3B+ after having been approached by number of potential buyers.
CBOT HOLDINGS BOT 3/21/2007 198 Delays 4/4/07 shareholder vote on planned BOT/CME merger to give BOT time to review competing bid from ICE made last week.
EGL INC EAGL 3/21/2007 39 Says Apollo Management LP has expressed interest in buying EAGL for $40/share.
AFFILIATED COMPUTER ACS 3/20/2007 60 ACS Chairman Darwin Deason, investment fund Cerberus Capital Mgmt proposed to buy ACS for $59.25 per share in cash.
ABN AMRO ABN 3/20/2007 41 Co., BCS confirm they're in merger talks.
CLAIRE'S STORES CLE 3/20/2007 31 WWD reports Apollo Mgmt LP is believed to be the only private equity firm left in the bidding for CLE.
ESCHELON TELECOM ESCH 3/20/2007 29 Integra Telecom to buy: $30 = ESCH.
PALM INC PALM 3/20/2007 19 Seen higher on unconfirmed report about potential buyout of PALM.
ABN AMRO HOLDING ABN 3/19/2007 40 Financial Times reports BCS has made tentative takeover approach to ABN.
EGL INC EAGL 3/19/2007 37 Group led by CEO James R. Crane to take EAGL private: $38 = EAGL.
FIELDSTONE INVES FICC 3/19/2007 4 C-BASS, MTG, RDN reduce their purchase price for FICC to $4.00 per share.
GENESCO INC GCO 3/19/2007 43 WWD reports FL preparing takeover bid for GCO in $44 to $46 per share range.
INFRASOURCE SERV IFS 3/19/2007 29 PWR to buy: 1.223 PWR = IFS.
SERVICEMASTER CO SVM 3/19/2007 15 Group led by Clayton, Dubilier & Rice to buy: $15.625 = SVM.
TAKE-TWO INTERACTIVE TTWO 3/19/2007 23 Says it weighing potential sale of co., other options.
TODCO'A' THE 3/19/2007 39 HERO to buy: 0.979 HERO plus $16 = THE.
TRIAD HOSPITALS TRI 3/19/2007 52 CYH to buy: $54 = TRI.
WHEELING-PITTSBURGH WPSC 3/19/2007 23 Agrees to merge with Esmark Inc., form co. called Esmark Inc. (New Esmark)... WPSC holders to get 1 New Esmark share, plus purchase/put rights per WPSC share.
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