Lower Forecast for Ryland Group

S&P revises earnings per share estimates for Circuit City and more
EPS Changes
Company Symbol FY-End Prior New Comment
Restoration H RSTO Jan-08 0.29 0.12 Weak macro environment
Ryland Group RYL Dec-07 4.00 1.90 Impairment charge, lower home pricing
Shaw Group SGR Aug-07 1.40 1.15 Weakness in infrastructure group
Altria Group MO Dec-07 5.69 4.20 Spin-off of Kraft Foods
Circuit City St CC Feb-08 1.01 0.83 Lackluster results
Pacer Interna PACR Dec-07 2.00 1.50 Revenue shortfall, operationl troubles
SCOR SCO Dec-07 0.40 0.50 Better than expected Feb-Q results
Alexion Pharm ALXN Dec-07 -4.00 -3.58 Higher than expected Soliris price
Metro One Tel INFO Dec-07 -1.30 -1.59 Lower revenues
Sinopec Shangh SHI Dec-07 1.67 4.86 Price increases in all segments
Automatic Data ADP Jun-07 2.23 1.82 Spin off of brokerage business
Live Nation LYV Dec-07 0.81 0.69 Revised operating outlook
M.D.C. Hldgs MDC Dec-07 2.00 1.30 Weakening tone of housing market
Top Tankers TOPT Dec-07 1.25 -0.65 Higher costs structure
Allegheny Tech ATI Dec-07 6.40 7.35 Cont'd strong demand from key markets
Commscope Inc CTV Dec-07 1.90 2.20 Higher sales & margins
Conseco Inc CNO Dec-07 1.72 1.48 Decline in run-off LTC business
Georgia Gulf C GGC Dec-07 2.00 0.00 Deteriorating business conditions
Helix Energy S HLX Dec-07 4.14 3.57 Adjusted revenues & volumes
Sinclair Broa SBGI Dec-07 0.36 0.43 Slightly higher revenues
Tele Norte Cel TCN Dec-07 -0.30 -1.05 Pricing changes widens operating loss
Weyerhaeuser Co WY Dec-07 3.30 2.65 Cont'd weakness in housing market
Worthington In WOR May-07 1.42 1.24 High materials costs & sales decline

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