Jaguar's New XKR: One Fine Ride

The feline member of Ford's family raises the carmaker's profile with a nicely priced and compellingly exciting sports car

Editor's Rating:

The Good: Outstanding design, surprisingly supple ride, gobs of power,excellent transmission

The Bad: No side curtain airbags, ugly whip antenna, awkward shift lever, minor visibility issues

The Bottom Line: A car that draws stares ordinarily reserved for more exotic vehicles

I am not a fan of celebrity gossip magazines. These publications are full of pretentious and speculative paparazzi-snapped pictures that shamefully pry into peoples' lives and support aspirations of a supremely materialistic existence. That said, my high and mighty moral stance quickly went out the window once I slipped behind the leather-wrapped steering wheel of the 2007 Jaguar XKR.

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