Hamm takes on Lou Dobbs

Stephen Baker

Just catching up with the fight our colleague Steve Hamm picked with the angry CNN anchor, Lou Dobbs. Lots of comments. And since Steve's blog covers the near borderless world of outsourcing, which Dobbs attacks, there's quite a bit of support for Hamm's side, especially from India. I was struck by this contrarian admirer of Dobbs, signed Sandeep K.:

May US get many more Doubs. Will make them more protectionist (like India for 45 yrs) . This in turn will reduce their dominance in technology, defence, movies. And i feel, with presidents like Bush this is best thing which could happen to world. How happy i am with creature called Doub. Keep it up buddy.

I first cut and pasted that comment, thinking it was an interesting point of view from India. Now I'm looking at it and wondering if it's a fluent English speaker pretending to be foreign. Why the doubts? The first sentence, missing the "the," reads like a Hollywood caricature, from Charlie Chan to American Indians. The same tone continues in the second sentence, which is missing the "it." But then check out the third sentence: This in turn will reduce their dominance in... That could be straight from a think tank. It gives me pause. Compare that to the stilted: "How happy i am with creature called Doub." Something's fishy there.

Your thoughts? And does it matter if an anonymous Sam or Candace is pretending to be an equally anonymous Sandeep?

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