Chinese Education Opts For Innovation--US Education Opts For Rote Leaning.

Bruce Nussbaum

You can't miss this insightful piece in the New York Times on how the Chinese are trying to transform their education system to teach students how to be more creative and innovative.

There is a dreadful irony--in the US, the teach-to-test movement is actually sending American education toward a tradtional Confucian system of rote learning that is the anti-thesis of preparing students to be creative and innovative. Simply amassing a body of knowledge that allows you to school high on international math and science tests doesn't make you creative.

Policy makers in Washington need to get this point and soon. Of all the major innovations of the past decade, which have come from nations that score highest on these tests?

Thank you Endless Innovation for reminding me of the story. This is a terrific blog, by the way.

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