High-Tech Infiniti EX Concept Debuts at NYIAS

First-day buzz at the 2007 New York International Auto Show flocked to the Infiniti booth, where a sharply designed G37 Coupe, set to hit showrooms in August, made its debut. But it was the EX concept crossover SUV, chock full of never-before-seen technologies, that took center stage.

Say goodbye to blind spots. The EX introduces All Around View, where four cameras — one in the grille, one in each side view mirror, and one in the rear — trasmit a birds eye view composite to the dashboard. Referencing a monitor while parking will take some getting used to, but dreadful parallel parkers like myself should find the feature a godsend.

Lane Departure Prevention (LDP) systems were first seen in the U.S. on Infiniti’s 2005 FX SUV, but the company promises more sophisticated integration in the EX. Instead of just giving an audible or visual cue to the driver when they drive outside the lines, the new LDP applies break pressure to force an automatic correction.

Among the nifty gadgets I could actually see in action was the liquid crystal roof, a panel across the top of the windshield that changes from translucent to transparent at the tap of a button. This might only come in handy on cloudy days when the sun peeks out and blinds you temporarily, but it’s a cool feature you’ll never get tired of showing off to freinds.

The Infiniti EX will go into production in 2008. More photos and updates from NYIAS to come…

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