More On Enemies of Design.

Bruce Nussbaum

GK VanPatter over at NextD is asking 25 design gurus what they think about the Parson's speech--Are Designers Enemies of Design? He'll publish the results in the next issue. So far, he's received a number of suggestions for the title of the piece. Here they are. In the name of open-source innovation and good humor, give them a read. My favorite? Nuss Baumed. Which ones do you like?

How to Think Like Nussbaum.

Impeach Nussbaum.

An Inconvenient Half-Truth.

Sleeping with the Enemy.

How Nussbaums Happen.

Mars Attacks.

Looking Closer (at Nussbaum).

Judge Brucie.

The Strange Death of Design Thinking.

(Not) Getting It.

Nuss Baumed.

More is MUCH Less.

Nussbaum / His Private Sky.

American Drive-Thru.

Big Banana Blogging.

There Goes the Promise Land.

Good to Great to Huh?

Bruce Almighty.

Forrest Nussbaum.

The New Church of Old Ant-Design.

Nussbaum Business or Out of Business.

Designing Dissent.

The Road Most Traveled.

Sugar Dad.

If Only We Knew What He Knows.

Nussbaum’s Greatest Hit.

Hypocrisy Delivered.

Beautiful Diversion.

Faulty Intelligence.


How to Profit from the Coming Collapse of Design Thinking.

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