The Best Products For 2007--Here's The Design Jury.

Bruce Nussbaum

It's rare to have the design genius Richard Sapper (think Thinkpad) jury a contest but he's joining an amazingly talented group to pick this year's winners for the Industrial Design Excellece Awards contest put on by the IDSA. It's great to put a face to the products you use all the time. Sapper is one of those faces.

I know a few of the other faces. Sigi Moeslinger, half the team at Antenna Design in NYC, is responsible for designing those easy-to-use Metro Card machines that get you into the subway. Think about the impact of that design.

Then there is Michael Schrage, another genius who isn't a designer but who has been writing about innovation, rapid prototyping, the economics of innovation and great stuff for years.

And Stephen Wilcox is an old friend who focuses his firm on human factors and making products as user-friendly as possible.

Other jurors I don't know but hope to someday. This is a terrific IDEA jury and I can't wait to see the winners. The annual dinner where they give out the awards is in San Francisco this year and its going to be BIG--very global.

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