A Good Question to Ask

When facing a problem—whether a daily annoyance or an all-out crisis—a good question to ask yourself is: "What is needed here?" Without a fresh orientation, your ego can lead you into asking "why?" about the unchangeable past, or else you begin playing the "place blame/avoid blame" game. "What is needed here?" is the kind of question that helps small-business owners avoid reactively wasting time and energy while getting them to focus on the whole picture. When you get that hot, stressed-out flush of frustration or a sinking feeling of failure, make it a practice to catch yourself and assess your responses in the moment they’re happening. Take a breath…and pause. Then ask "What is needed here?" to shift your focus from simply reacting to genuinely thinking about what your small business requires. Your shift will inspire your employees to make changes that unleash creativity and deliver new solutions that bring success to your business.

David Peck Founder Leadership Unleashed San Francisco