Zero Is The New Black. Green = Economic Growth

Bruce Nussbaum

Thanks to Diego Rodriguez over at Metacool to point out that it is now way cool to have a zero carbon footprint. Diego pointed to Seth Godin's shoutout of No Impact Man Colin Beavan and his experiment in living a carbon zero life in New York City.

Colin's wife, Michelle Conlin, is a writer at Business Week, and I've been watching her come in every day on her scooter, talking about living the carbon free life. I didn't know they weren't using toilet paper however. This is big news.

Michelle, Colin, their 2-year old baby and their zero carbon experiement were written up in The New York Times recently in a fascinating piece on trying to life a sustainable lifestyle in an urban environment. They living light on the urban landscape, eating locally grown food, cutting back on using stuff that fills up landfills.

It's now very cool to be zero. This is a BIG cultural trend that goes way behind buying organics at Whole Foods. It will soon be cool to live in small, prefab houses with wind turbines, solar heating and waterless toilets. Maybe we should bring back Navajo hogans. In my Parson's speech, I put up photos of an iPod and a mink coat to challenge the sustainability assumptions of the design management students. Which is "greener?"

Oh, not to get excessively warm and runny about sustainability, Colin Beavan is using his blog and his life to write a book. There's even a documentary film maker videoing their life as it moves along the green path during 2007.

Green = Profits. Green = Economic Growth.