Callaway C16 Cabrio to Debut in New York

Legendary auto tuner Reeves Callaway to unveil his latest creation, a $128,000 convertible that can hit 60 mph in 3.5 seconds

Callaway Cars didn't take long to follow up the first showing of the C16, and will be exhibiting the company's convertible variant of the limited production C16 supercar, the C16 Cabrio, at the New York International Auto Show. Six-speed manual or paddle-shift automatic transmissions will available with either standard 560 or optional 616 horsepower engines. Our favorite Callaway engineering project is the Cyclone 16-cylinder engine - a 4.0-liter normally aspirated V16 with 5 valves per cylinder which makes 550 bhp at 10,000 rpm yet is less than 36 inches long. Check the image gallery – apart from being visually enchanting, it apparently has a "distinctive noise signature."

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