A Million Would-Be iPhone Owners, Plus Samsung's "Upstage"

Arik Hesseldahl

Who ever thought that the iPhone would be a flop? Well, no one I can think of, but if you considered yourself an iPhone doubter, consider this: Word comes from AT&T (formerly Cingular) that it's gotten about a million queries from consumers about iPhone availability, and that's with two months and change remaining before the thing even sees the light of day.

Meanwhile, the angling among would-be iPhone rivals got suddenly very interesting today with the announcement of Samsung's intriguingly named music phone, Upstage. It sports an interesting design, with a traditional wireless phone layout on one side, and a music and media player layout on the other. But even more interesting is word, via AppleInsider that Sprint will offer 99-cent over-the-air music downloads direct to the phone. Very interesting indeed.