The New York Times Is Ignorant About Design's Role in Business.

Bruce Nussbaum

The New York Times covers architecture, interior design, fashion, even landscaping thoroughly and thoughtfully but when it comes to the power of design in business, it is usually ignorant. Ask any of their fine business journalists about design thinking and their eyes glaze over. Ditto for their tech writers. You see hardly any coverage of design in the business pages, except for the bright, shiny "gizmos" that hit the market. Friedman comes at it from an innovation and foreign policy point of view but he's a columnist. Inside the business page, design is pretty much absent.

So I was happey to see that there is a good piece on Eric von Hippel of MIT and his user-driven open source innovation in Sunday's Business Section. Of keenest interest to me was mention of a dyi web site called Instructables, spun off from the industrial design firm Squid Labs, which offers software to companies that want to build communities of citizen product developers. The print version of the Times does not give the url and, strangely enough, the online version doesn't link to it.

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