O'Reilly Still Wrong And Won't Acknowledge It

Just an update on my earlier post. I have tried to contact Bill O’Reilly, as has Ford, to try and get the bloviator-in-chief to acknowledge that he didn’t know what he was talking about when he said Detroit didn’t make any vehicles that got 30 mpg.

The bloviator said on-air that he wanted to buy American, but couldn’t find anything that got 30 mpg. His office wouldn’t respond to me despite his frequent statements that he is always willing to be corrected. I hear Ford offered to send over a Ford Escape hybrid for him to check out, and they got the big blow-off.

O’Reilly often criticizes people for not coming on his show, and charges that those who refuse his invitations don’t have guts. Perhaps they just don’t think he is a very serious person, and that they take him for the intellectually lazy bloviator that he is.

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