Foose's First

Chip Foose's first coupe is being manufactured in a limited edition of 50 and expected to sell for around $300,000

The Foose Coupe was conceived back in 1990 when Chip Foose was still a student at the Art Center College of Design, long before his designs became famous. The prototype Foose Coupe debuted at the 2006 SEMA show and caused such a sensation that a limited edition run of 50 coupes are to be built by MetalCrafters, each one tailored to the exact requirements of the customer, with prices starting at US$298,000. The mid-engined 550 bhp Mopar Hemi V8 engine Foose Coupe has a carbon fiber monocoque cabin mated to a modular steel space frame and planted to the pavement with a suspension by Hotchkis, Koni coil-over shock absorbers and a 6-piston Baer Brake system. Now the rights to the first production unit are to be sold at auction.

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