This Week's Podcast with Internet Ad Pioneer Susan Bratton

Heather Green

The guest on this week's Cutting Edge podcast is Susan Bratton, the co-founder of Personal Life Media. This is a new network of 15 blogs and podcasts that Bratton, a serial entrepreneur and pioneer in the Internet advertising space, launched on Monday.

The network bills itself as "juicy lifestyle content for people at the leading edge of culture," and it deals with a wide range of people's everyday issues, including relationships, life coaching, ecology, new music, and ethical sales and business practices.

The podcasts are paired with blogs and Bratton is working with experts who run the different blogs and podcasts. She plans to keep expanding to the network by adding hundreds of podcasts and blogs.

Bratton is also working on launching a podcasting advertising association, an independent industry association that will work on standardizing meatrics and advertising formats.

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