Web 2.0 Is So 2006

Rob Hof

Peter Rip at Crosslink Partners wonders if Web 2.0 has run its course. Or at least the popular buzz about it. He writes:

The apogee of this Web 2.0 hit me on Friday when I was having lunch with my daughter in San Francisco. There was a conversation at the table next to us between a 30-something and a 50-something, The younger was explaining to the elder that they had web site with the following attributes:

Users can share any kind of information from files to photos
Storage isn’t expensive, so we don’t police it today, yet
Users can invite their friends; that’s how we get new users
We launched a few months ago and are doubling every month
We haven’t quite figured out our revenue model, but we think it is freemium (“Let me explain what that means…”)

Of course, this is the generic Web 2.0 company template. Overhearing the dialog felt like the 2007 version of Joe Kennedy getting stock tips from his shoe shine boy. Web 2.0 is in the water, drink up.

I'm not so sure his Alexa charts showing declining traffic to TechCrunch, GigaOm, and Technorati in the fourth quarter or so means much. And Peter notes that Web 2.0 services are actually starting to go mainstream, so it's not as if the usage and utility are actually declining. But given the number of increasingly niche plays I keep getting pitched on, I wonder if we're about to reach some kind of saturation. Actually, I'm pretty sure we have already.

Of course, there's always ... Web 3.0! Run for the hills!