Walmart -Roehm Saga Like Watching A Local News Program

David Kiley

People. People. Where are the grown-ups?
You know how when you finish watching a TV show, and the local news jumps in for its 10:00 newscast, and they tease stories like one about a pedophile sting, and another about a road-rage incident and another about a lady living with 500 cats. And then you wonder...this is news? The next thing I wonder is...where are the grown-ups?

This is how I feel looking over the court documents between Walmart and its former ad chief Julie Roehm.

Ms. Roehm has denied that she had an affair with her colleage Sean Womack. But e-mails provided by Walmart and Mr. Womack's angry wife indicate otherwise. Roehm had denied any untoward conduct during the review for a new ad agency. But e-mails indicate that she and Womack were angling for jobs with the ad agency they would choose.

Apparently, neither much liked living in Arkansas.

My question is this: Why deny all these things in the media if you have left an e-mail trail behind you a mile wide and a foot thick. Do you think that Walmart can't monitor the e-mail from your work computer whether you send them from your Walmart account or your Google account? Do you think that Walmart can't get IPG, which still has the Walmart account by way of the Martin Agency, to turn over e-mails from their cache of computer files? Do you think that Mrs. Womack couldn't get at e-mails sent from the Womacks' home computer?

The lessons are many. First: Act like a grown up. Second: Don't put anything in an e-mail that you wouldn't want your boss or your spouse, or Mother to read. Third: If you are guilty, don't lie. How many times does this lesson have to play out. If you are guilty...slink away and plot your career survival. Don't sue the people who caught you and have an abundance of evidence to prove you are guilty.

But always...Be the grown-up.

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