DuPont hires bloggers for videos

Stephen Baker

Just like everyone else, chemical giant DuPont was looking for some buzz and word-of-mouth magic. So they hired DeNuo, Rishad Tabaccowala's consulting boutique within the Publicis Groupe. With consulting from Jeff Jarvis and Amanda Congdon, DeNuo created a set of Science Stories, which they hope will travel widely around the Web. These are two- to three-minute shorts, including archival footage and hosted by a highly animated Congdon, on things like bullet-proof and fire-proof fabrics. The idea, clearly, is to get kids interested in these technologies and, by extension, in DuPont.

DeNuo's Dan Buczaczer, who headed up the project, tells me that DuPont will be advertising its science stories on BoingBoing and Digg videos.

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