Hiring the Right Patent Attorney

If you are interested in protecting intellectual property, it is important that you begin the patent filing process before discussing your technology with any potential partners. To protect your intellectual property effectively , it is essential to hire the proper patent attorney.

Patent prosecutors analyze your technology and will propose a patent strategy to adequately protect your invention, as well as handle the patent application filing and necessary follow up to get your patent registered.

Patent litigators, however, will initiate a patent infringement lawsuit against an infringer of your registered patent or defend you in a patent infringement lawsuit filed by a patent owner of similar technologies.

You should also seek a patent attorney with a technical background (education and work experience) in the same area as your technology (i.e., biotechnology, software, devices, etc.).

Patent prosecutors with a background in your technology will be able to perform better research for other patents prior to filing your patent applications, and to draft stronger claims in your patent application.

Similarly, a patent litigator will be able to prepare a stronger lawsuit and to better explain your case to a federal judge who may have a limited technical background.

Caroline Vanderlip CEO SharedBook Inc. New York

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