Cisco buys Web-Ex. Who knows what's next?

If Cisco is willing to take on Microsoft in the web-conferencing space, what could be next?
Peter Burrows

When I got a call from Cisco PR at 6:00 AM this morning advising me that a press conference would start in ten minutes, I knew it was an important acquisition. Had Cisco taken out long-term router rival Juniper, which is widely considered takeover bait? Had Moto's board decided to sell its Networks and Enterprise division, to help get Carl Icahn off its back? Maybe Cisco was going to buy into the increasingly strategic "edge" of the network, by buying Tellabs or a pre-public company such as Calix (Insiders say Calix has had the numbers to go public for months--and CEO Carl Russo has experience getting Cisco to cough up a big premium in advance of an IPO. He did it as CEO of Cerent, which he sold to Cisco in 1999 for $6.9 billion).

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