The Trouble with India

Steve Hamm

The current issue of BusinessWeek has on its cover a story package by me called The Trouble with India. It's about how India's infrastructure deficit threatens to put the brakes on its growth and prevent the country from achieving status as one of the world's economic powerhouses. (Impossible without more opportunities and wealth flowing to the masses of poor people) I spent nearly a month in India late last year reporting for the story, and, I must say, I became emotionally wound up in the efforts by hundreds of Indians I interviewed to create what some of them called a New India. They weren't just talking about the economy, either. The country's sometimes disfunctional politics and widespead corruption are a heavy burden on its economy. To me, the most powerful force in India is hope. I believe the Indian people can throw off the shackles of bad government and corruption the way they did colonial rule. But it won't be easy.

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