Report from the Daylight Time Trenches

Stephen Wildstrom

It took more effort than it should have, but when Sunday arrived with its three-weeks-early switch to daylight savings time, everything sprang forward as it should have, with only insignificant exceptions.

Most of the preparation work went into getting my complicated e-m,ail server setup ready. I had to patch windows Servers, a Microsoft Exchange server, a Good Mobil Messaging Server. and a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, all in a specific order. But it all worked find and the Good and BlackBerry servers automatically sent software updates to prepared handhelds for the change.

The only thing that failed completely was a Roku SoundBridge Radio, which resolutely remained on standard time despite the latest software updates. I followed the advice of a Roku Web page and "moved" the radio to the Atlantic time zone. I'm not quite sure what will happen when Roku releases updated software or we hit the first Sunday in April, whichever comes first.

My surprise success was a Bulova desktop clock that uses a special radio to get a time signal. I wasn't sure how I was going to update it, but when I checked Sunday morning, the time had, mysteriously but happily, advanced an hour. The big disappointment was my Palm Treo 650. I had patched its software last week and it reset the time correctly on Sunday. But Monday morning, I got a text message from Cingular advising me they the clock on my Treo had been reset, making it an hour fast. I reset it manually.

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