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Bruce Nussbaum

Here's more from the TED conference by our intrepid reporter, Jessi Hempel:

Yesterday’s afternoon highlight: Hans Rosling spoke a second time. That doesn’t happen often, and so when it does, you have to think of something creative to top your first talk. Once again, Hans made a simple point: the statistics of the world have not been made properly available; animated graphics can help. He also believes the world is getting better, and he uses moving statistics – along with a fabulously hilarious narration – to make his point. Then, because I suppose he wanted his talk to stand out over last year, he pulled out a Swedish sword from the early 1800s. After assuring us it wasn’t sharp, he slid the entire thing (I’m guessing here, but maybe 24 inches?) down his throat. No kidding.

Also, talked with Jeff Han, the NYU research scientist who presented his “interface-free” touch-driven computer screen. He wouldn’t comment on whether/how Apple licensed his technologies for their iPhone over drinks, he told me he’d started a company shortly after receiving such and incredible reception at TED last year.

On stage, he had a large white board on which he and a friend moved images around with the touch of a finger as if they were storyboarding for a movie. They could pass the images back and forth, and with a quick finger movement, draw up a wheel of commands to navigate through a number of useful actions – spreading the images out, stacking them, enlarging or shrinking them. I’m going to give it a try later.

Lots of stars. From the tech stars like Sergey Brin or Pierre Omidyar to Hollywood stars like Cameron Diaz and Forest Whitaker. But the real appeal is in the conversations with folks whose work you haven’t heard of. I’ll try to report back on the best of it later….Gotta get a run in before breakfast.

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