Live From TED...

Bruce Nussbaum

Jessi Hempel is at TED and she's going to be posting for us. Here is her first:

Over pomegranate white tea with acai from the Google Cafe, I sat in the sun for a riveting conversation with Jan Chipchase, who will speak tomorrow in a session called Open For Business. He was waiting for the other speakers to congregate for photos.
According Jan's his card, he’s a senior specialist for Insight & Innovation at Nokia Design. As for what he does: he pays attention to human behavior. He studies the ways people interact with technologies in real life. He is based in Japan, where he spends part of his time running user studies and developing new applications for products you’ll likely use in a few years. But we talked about his field research. He travels with teams of people from all over Nokia – sociologists, ethnographers, psychologists – to countries like Uganda where they collect data about how people behave. We are OTR here unless we agree otherwise in advance, so I'll save the sumpuous details for a later profile, but check out his blog, Future Perfect, at

It’s sunny here, and everybody is arriving. I ran into Tim Brown in the lobby and he said he’d just finished the latest IN and enjoyed the Jacqueline piece. This morning’s TED University programming pumped everyone up, and the excitement is tangible. More to follow. Meanwhile, really, go check out Jan’s blog.

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