Nissan's Altima Reaches New Heights

Nissan's sporty Altima midsize sedan runs with the best imports in the pack. And, though eminently practical, it distinguishes itself thanks to zippy handling

Editor's Rating:

The Good: Good power, bargain pricing, nice handling for a practical car

The Bad: Cramped rear seats, pricey with a lot of options, touchy brakes

The Bottom Line: Likely to outshine Nissan’s other sedans for quite some time

Up Front

Nissan's Altima is a nifty midsize sedan that has managed to grow significantly better with age. With 15 years and four major revisions on the clock, you would think the Altima—the company's biggest seller—might have gotten stuck in a rut. But no, the new-for-2007 Altima is the best implementation yet, a fun-to-drive technological bombshell that doesn't eschew practicality.

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