Macs At Google, Googlers Visit Mac HQ

Arik Hesseldahl

So finally, someone at Google confirms what I've heard, that Google employees get a choice in the type of computer they use. The confirmation comes from Scott Knaster writing on the Official Google Mac Blog. He describes a visit by he and his Google colleagues to Apple HQ in Cupertino. (As a New Yorker, I have to point out his misspelling of the word Tchotchke.) He also describes a sighting of Steve Jobs grabbing a salad with Jonathan Ive.

This speaks directly to a larger point I made last year right after Google CEO Eric Schmidt joined Apple's Board of Directors. Apple and Google can and should do great things together, and Schmidt seemed to confirm that they plan to in comments this week. Google Maps on the iPhone is just a start. I hope Scott and his friends at Apple have lunch together often.

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