INside Innovation--The Splintering Of Mass Social Networks.

Bruce Nussbaum

I'm back and just read the last issue of IN. It's great to see a story showing how design thinking can be applied outside the business space in the world of philanthropy with the story on Acumen. And the piece on how Symbol Technologies got it's innovative mojo back (and attracted Motorola to buy it) is superb. Both by Jessi Hempel. The debate over the backlash against innovation by Reena Jana is terrific and so is her INshort Tools & Trends section, all done by Reena.

My only nitpick is that we should have done a better job on the INdata page. We wanted to show that the growth rate for MySpace, Facebook and other big public social networks is levelling off, with young people leaving it for a series of other, more focussed networks and other web-based activities. Seth Godin calls it the splintering of social networks and I like that. Maybe Murdoch bought at the high.

Corporations, on the other hand, are piling into social networking in a big way to get talent, generate ideas (IBM is very good at this) and doing collaborative work. The INdata graphic could have been clearer. Sorry.

But it's still insightful, I hope.

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