FutureMarketing Summit 2007: Take One

David Kiley

Lots of good stuff discussed at the Future Marketing Summit 2007 in NYC Monday. Before I get to some of what it was, I couldn't help but chuckle over how the industry has changed since I started covering it in 1987, and worked in it in the mid 1990s. Back then, we had J. Walter Thompson before it was JWT. We had elegant names like Ammirati & Puris, William Esty and Scali,McCabe Sloves. Titles were largely confined to account supervisor, copywriter, president, creative director.

But this is a new century. A rundown of some of the agency names and titles represented at the conference:

Strawberry Frog, Naked, Plan-B (it's pregnant with possibilities), The Barbarian Group, GoViral and The Apartment. It's too bad Mother, Farm, Uncle Terry and Monkey couldn't make it.

Euro RSCG was represented. Fine agency. But I've often wondered if they ever get asked by a client to name a new product whe they have such a terrible one on their own door.

Titles that cropped up on the speakers panel included: Chief Bloke, director of engagemet strategy, chief experience officer and group director of cognitive and cultural studies.

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