Sighted: The Limits Of The User-Generated Ad

I have very little patience for arguments that hinge on exalting “professional” content over “amateur” stuff. Much of that divide came about when there was more scarcity in distribution back in pre-Internet days, when the only ways of pushing stuff to the public were essentially monopolized by the likes of newspapers and big movie studios. The years I spent geeking out on ‘80’s and ‘90’s indie rock convinced me that there tons of good stuff to be found outside the pro arena. (And not just “good” stuff. Hell, most of it was better than what the allegedly pro places were shoveling our way.)

That said: I completely agree with Slate’s Seth Stevenson in his evisceration of this newish consumer-produced ad from Dove. Bad spot, bad lighting, awkward choreography.

A nice smile at the end, yes, but somewhere an ad creative—excuse me, an ad “pro”—is laughing his smug head off.

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