The Point Man for Bush's Green Push

Andy Karsner is responsible for meeting the Bush Administration's energy goals. He's hoping the private sector will help him get there

When Energy Dept. Secretary Samuel Bodman and Assistant Secretary Alexander "Andy" Karsner first talked about plans to invest government money in something called "cellulosic" ethanol, they were enthusiastic. Most ethanol is made from corn, but cellulosic technology uses less-valuable resources, such as switchgrass or garbage. But they thought the original proposal, for $160 million, was too modest. So on Feb. 28, Bodman and Karsner unveiled plans to invest up to $385 million in cellulosic, more than double the original ante. "Ultimately, success in producing inexpensive cellulosic ethanol could be a key to eliminating our nation's addiction to oil," said Bodman.

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