Taking Time for Training

We all know that time is money. We also know that investing time into training can often lead to more money by helping create a more qualified, productive workforce.

In the past, small-business owners had three main training options: The cheap route was simply to have employees read through books and other available materials on their own; the moderate choice was to send them to an outside school or seminar; and the high-end option was to bring in an expert for personalized on-site training.

Online learning bridges the gap between these options. Not only are there no travel fees involved for either the trainer or the trainees, but online learning and training are easy to access and provide a mobile component with a sophistication that has never been available before. With on-demand training options, you can receive complete training at a pace that’s right for your business. Additionally, compliance regulations become easier with e-learning when companies are required to train individual employees on certain policies or rules.

At the end of the day, we all would prefer to spend as little time and as little money as we can and still meet our training objectives. Online learning enables you to receive the exact training you need on your time and on your terms.

John Clemons Founder and CEO LearnKey St. George, Utah

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