Lauren Young

Well, I’m clearly not the only person turning on the TV to keep my toddler son occupied. I just saw an online poll on BabyCenter.com that validates the existence of Dora the Exploder. (That’s what my hubby calls her). Among 6,459 parents who responded to the poll when I last checked, 97% said they use TV or a video to catch a break, and more than half of them do it at least once a day.

The top reasons respondents say they are using TV as a babysitter: Cooking dinner or Housework. It’s not like we are all in the other room watching “Ellen” or “SportsCenter” and eating bonbons. You can vote and check out BabyCenter poll results here:

Although I use TV as a crutch to get me through the morning routine—I often turn it on for my son when I’m in the shower—I still feel guilty about its role in our household. When my son wakes up in the morning, often his first words are: “Watch TB.” (sic) I’m always trying to figure out new ways to distract him from the television. But sometimes it’s just easier to turn it on than argue.

If you fall into this camp, check out an interview I did with an interesting children’s media expert here:


What do you do when Junior is parked in front of the Boob Tube?

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