Web 2.0 Worm Is Making Rounds

Olga Kharif

My colleague Catherine Holahan just wrote to tell me about a virus that’s making the rounds on the Web. Check out her guest blog below:

You’re probably well aware of the so-called “storm worm” virus that has raged across the globe since at least January, gathering strength and evolving with each computer it transforms into a zombie machine. In just over a month, the worm has become responsible for more than 8% of all virus infections. Security firms say its latest iteration could spread even more quickly.

I was talking to Dmitri Alperovitch, principal research scientist with Secure Computing (SCUR), about a new version of the virus. He says it’s something of a perfect storm for the Web 2.0 generation. Unlike earlier incarnations, which operated as a typical e-mail Trojan virus infecting computers after users clicked on a link masquerading as a news article, the virus now attaches to infected users’ blog comments, online postings, and even instant messages in the form of a link to a “fun video.”

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