Indie Films Come to Handsets

The new frontier for up-and-coming moviemakers is how to adapt their storytelling to all those tiny screens

You might think a hip guy like Cory McAbee, a Brooklyn-based artist, musician, and independent filmmaker with a preference for all-black outfits, would scoff at the idea of his work appearing on a screen about the size of a belt buckle.

From the telco companies' point of view, reviving short films is a worthy quest. Ideal for an audience on the go, they could help whet consumer appetites for longer features and TV programming—much as ringtones paved the way for downloadable music. And the prodigious output of Bollywood, with more than 1,000 films a year and an audience of 3.6 billion viewers, offers a rich source of popular content. In this case, the aims of art and commerce could well intersect.

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