Yahoo! Sees the (Fluorescent) Light

Rob Hof


I must admit that like many people, I'm not a fan of fluorescent lights, much as I know how much energy they save, because they always seemed to give me a headache. Apparently, I'm behind the times on this, and Yahoo!'s helping shed some light (couldn't help it) on how far compact fluorescent bulb technology has come. A new Web site designed by Yahoo!,, so named for the average time it takes to change a light bulb, has some of the facts, along with a map that shows how enlightened (their pun) your local area is, based on how many CF bulbs have been bought there, and how much money, energy, and gunk in the air have been saved. Yahoo! cofounder David Filo's honchoing the Yahoo end of the project, which also includes Wal-Mart and a bunch of government and environmental organizations. Will it work? Not sure, but I think it's better than trying to mandate the end of incandescent bulbs, as lawmakers in California and New Jersey have proposed.

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