Two Weeks After "Thoughts On Music"

Arik Hesseldahl

It’s now been about two weeks since Steve Jobs published “Thoughts On Music,” and by now every technology wag, and for that matter practically everyone who’s anyone connected with digital media and DRM has had their own response to Steve’s suggestion that music labels dump their requirement that music files be protected by DRM schemes.

Well enough already about DRM. What about hearing from Steve Jobs directly, and in his own words? Wasn’t that kinda cool?

Steve is a natural public speaker regardless of venue. He’s physically and mentally comfortable talking to groups. He could have easily found some conference at which to make a speech that would have been just as widely covered as the publication of his essay. But instead he decided to write about it, and tell the world precisely what he thought.

That, to me was refreshing, and makes me wonder if he shouldn’t make it a regular thing. Which brings me to ask this: Why doesn’t Steve Jobs, of all people, have a blog?

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