Thin skin in PR

Stephen Baker

Catch the angry and defensive comments to David Pogue's post about his pet peeve about PR. This one from JK hurt:

What’s the lesson for reporters? Know exactly why you are jaded. It’s not the PR people. It’s your deadline pressure, your poor pay and your poor prospects for making significant money anytime in the near future. It’s your career choice that’s making you crabby.

At one point, to blunt the attacks and recriminations, Pogue is moved to write a warm and fuzzy clarification. He writes:

However, i never HAVE expressed a dislike of PR people!
PR people make my job possible.
* They bring cool new products and trends to my attention.
* They actually tell me who their RIVALS are, so I can do a more complete roundup of the product category.
* They make themselves reachable nights, weekends, in sickness and in health, to help me get questions answered and problems solved.
* They remain available after the column comes out, even if they got a savaging review, to answer followup questions from readers.
* With very few exceptions, they are forthright, professional, and honest even about their product’s failings.
That doesn’t mean I can’t consider executive interviews a waste of everyone’s time.
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