Trump Jumps to the Caribbean

Peter Coy

Cap Cana

Donald Trump is lending his golden name to a resort and residential development at the eastern tip of the Dominican Republic. He invited some reporters to his Trump Tower offices today to brag that Cap Cana--which was already partially built before he jumped in--will be the most upscale development in the Caribbean. He said he knows a lot about the Dominican Republic and proved it by naming two Dominican friends: ballplayers Sammy Sosa and Albert Pujols. Trump declined to say how much of the project he's going to own, but it's a good bet that he hasn't put much money up. The Dominican developers behind Cap Cana probably value his name more than his cash. Judging from the lush p.r. kit, Cap Cana really does look like a beautiful part of the world. Completely unspoiled. I guess I should say: Completely unspoiled until now.

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