The Backlash Against Innovation--Fad And Function.

Bruce Nussbaum

I just spent two days with CEOs and designers from Sweden and Finland and they were all amused, if not astonished, at the notion of a backlash against design and innovation in the US. The overwhleming consensus of the group was that most corporations are so far from implementing any serious program of design thinking/innovation that moving away from it at this point in time doesn't make a lot of sense. They seemed able to distinguish between fad and function and don't take a backlash seriously. Now don't forget this is from people who live in a culture of design--say Scandanavian design and you think simplicity, modern and ergonomics. The idea of a backlash against design strikes them as absurd.
Check out the new blog by Dominic Basulto, Endless Innovation, who comments up on the theme. Dominic used to run the Fortune innovation blog and did a great job. Endless Innovation may prove to be a great source as he builds it out.

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