How blogs are like religious missions

Stephen Baker

In the course of my research, I came across Breakthrough Media, a company that helps churches find members and build communities. As I read Eight Key Ingredients of a Powerful Community Outreach, I quickly saw that they were defining how to be a good blogger. You don't need an exegete to point out the parallels.

1) The only communication that really works is incarnational. (I read that as "Blog your passion.")
2) Speak with an authentic voice.
3) Have clear objectives.
4) Be truly audience-centric. ("Determine from the start to see yourself and your message the way they see it... would you respond? Make sure nothing is hidden and your "offer" has no strings attached.")
5) Marketing is conversations. ("All media should awaken dreams and begin a conversation.")
6) Let your audience design your media.

The last two, less bloggy, are to invest wisely and begin a comprehensive plan.

My question is this: Are the standards of blogging simply turning into Marketing 101? Or is there a kinship between blogging and the ancient traditions of building religious communities? (I did a quick search for 'Apostle Paul' to see if anyone was talking about him as blogging pioneer. Didn't find it, though I'm sure people have argued the point.)

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