Managing Across the Generation Gap

Future entrepreneurs are more likely to work with people of all ages. An author on this topic discusses how they can do so successfully

Demographic studies show that entrepreneurs in the future are more likely to be working with people of all ages than they are today. Twenty-somethings may be supervising senior citizens who have delayed retirement. Baby boomers will increasingly recruit Gen Xers to form the backbone of their small firms (see, 1/16/07, "Lure of Entrepreneurship Beckons Boomers"). How can members of various generations—whose outlooks and life experiences are so different—work together successfully? That's the subject of a new book, Bridging the Generation Gap (Career Press). Robin Throckmorton, owner of Strategic Human Resources, a Cincinnati-based HR consultancy, and Linda Gravett, a national speaker and human resources consultant, are the authors.

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