Burnout Dominator, a Hit and Run

EA's new crash and burn game for PSP and PS2 doesn't match the Xbox rival's graphics, but the tracks and crashes make up for that

Burnout Dominator lets gamers crash expensive looking cars without having to worry about their insurance, dealing with the police and most importantly, the other driver. Players slam into other vehicles, watch as they explode and assume the victim's dead, except unlike in real life, such a tragic occurrence produces a smile, perhaps even a strange, unsettling laugh from gamers eager to cause as much mayhem possible. Thankfully, publisher and developer Electronic Arts -- who's given series creator Criterion (now part of EA UK) some breathing room while it works on Burnout 5 -- encourages this wanton destruction, though if gamers intend on winning, they should steer clear of obstacles and keep their eyes on the road.

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