Blinq returns to past

Stephen Baker

Daniel Rubin, who writes the excellent Blinq blog at the Philadelphia Inquirer, announces that he's shutting the blog and moving to a metro column. Lots of laments in the blog world. The idea, which I can only half accept, is that the blog is one job and being columnist another. Seems to me that using the blog to feed the column is the way to go.

I say this selfishly, because I don't want to see the blog disappear. But I also say it as a fellow blogging journalist. I think that if blogging works for us (and I think it worked for Dan) we need to figure out how to evolve the blog to follow us in our lives. I've struggled with this issue since embarking on this book leave. I've felt a little bit out of kilter with the blog, but won't consider giving it up. Here's betting that we haven't seen the end of Blinq.

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